• Hand-hacked Digital Bouquet #1

Acquisition of Hand-hacked Bouquet #1 by Centre Pompidou, Paris

Jill Magid and Artwrld are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Hand-Hacked Bouquet 1 from Magid's NFT collection, Out-Game Flowers. The acquisition of this NFT is part of a larger set of works acquired by the Pompidou Center that deal with the relationships between blockchain and artistic creation and marks the first time the Pompidou Center has added NFTs to its permanent collection. Many of the works in this acquisition explore copyright and legal issues, such as the piece by Jill Magid, who works on the idea of ownership and the intertwining of emotional, symbolic, and financial values on the web.

“The idea was not to be the first, but to bring together a relevant collection, which could testify to a creative and critical appropriation of a new technology by artists, and how this disrupts and displaces the art ecosystem. From its creation, the Pompidou Center has relied on the idea that contemporary technological creation and creativity should be at the heart of the institution.” — Marcella Lista, chief curator of the Pompidou Center.

See the full interview (ENG) with chief curator Marcella Lista and conservator Philippe Betinelli