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  • Editor's Pick, Licence to Thrill, The Guardian, UK Link to video, Dec 31.
  • An Artist Delves Into the Lives of Spies ,The Wall Street Journal, go to link Sept 19-20 
  • Art Review: Jill Magid at Tate Modern Art Monthly Download pdf Dec/Jan 09/10
  • Secret Agency Rhizome online go to link, October 15th 
  • Petits couacs entre une artiste américaine et des agents secrets Le Monde, October 16th,  Download pdf
  • Video Interview: TateShots: Jill Magid- Authority to Remove, Tate Online, October 16th
  • The Dutch Secret Service Commissions Artist and Gets Cold Feet NRC Handelsbad (Dutch National Newspaper), Sept 23rd Front page ArticleEnglish Translation
  • Editorial Response to: The Dutch Secret Service Commissions Artist and Gets Cold Feet NRC Handelsbad (Dutch National Newspaper). Sept 24th English Translation
  • Published Letter From The Dutch secret service (AIVD) NRC Handelsbad (Dutch National Newspaper). Sept 25 English Translation
  • Interview with Michael Rush Art On Air, public radio Link to live interview
  • Infiltrating the Institution: A Roundtable Art on Paper
  • Jill Magid Interviews Sophie Calle Tokion Magazine


  • Article 12 Chosen as Top 5 International shows of 2008 NRC Handelsblad Download pdf
  • NRC Handelsblad, Review of Article 12
  • De Volkskrant, Review of Article 12
  • Art in Review, The New Normal at Artists Space, The New York Times, June 13th
  • Tokion Magazine Video Interview


  • Art in Review: With Full Consent, New York Times, by Roberta Smith, July 27
  • Review: Artforum, by Kyle Bentley, October. Download pdf
  • Critic's Pick: Jill Magid,, by Colby Chamberlain
  • Who Will Be Famous in 2112?, Art News
  • Review: Art in America, December
  • Review of The Dotted Line @ Rotunda Gallery, Time Out New York, by Paddy Johnson, Issue 634, Nov 22 
  • Art Review, Modern Painters, by Lyra Libery Kilston, October Issue
  • Artist Profile: Bidoun Issue No. 10, Technology, by Elizabeth Rubin
  • Cultures & Conflits ‹Regardez!› A propos des travaux de Jill Magid sur les outils de surveillance et de sécurité réalisé par Miriam Perier Link to article (in French)
  • Preguntas Que Aguardan Respuesta No. 16, April
  • DiAmante Jill Magid, Vogue Spanish Edition Link to Blog
  • We Make Money Not Art, Two Blog Entries Orwellian Projects and Evidence Locker entry
  • Cover and article: Rood Draad Mister Motley,  Issue 13, March


  • Tangent_fear: Inviting Horror ArteContext, by Vincente Carreton Cano
  • Surveillance: Spectacle on Video, The Boston Globe, by Ken Johnson
  • Review: The Joy of Looking, The Boston Phoenix, by Christopher Mills
  • SOMA: The Street Issue, Surveillance as Lover and Art, by Scott Indrisek, Volume 20.3 April


  • Aspect - The Chronicle of New Media, Volume VII: Personalities and Personas DVD Order DVD
  • Interview with Jenneke Wesseling, Stedelijk Museum Bulletin. Nov Issue Link to Stedelijk Museum Prgram
  • Link to Article
  • No. 89 - Libration Point, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Newsletter 89, Essays by Jelle Bouwhuis and Jane Farver, Nov-Dec Issue.
  • List of Press Articles on Libration Point, SMBA 
  • Libration-Point Press Page
  • Near No-Mans Land, A Quest for Peace The New York Times, by Stephen Zacks Link to Print Version
  • Subverting Surveillance. Amsterdam Weekly. Nov 10-16 Download pdf
  • N.Paradoxa: Feminist Art Journal Editorial p.4, Volume 15
  • NRC Handelsblad, Levend oog aan de wand, by Jenneke Wesseling, NL
  • Stadsprtret met Bewakingscameras De Volkskrant, 17 February
  • Swedish Television Arts Program Kobra: Inslag 4: Jill Magid (Media Player)
  • De Appel Reader. No. 3: On Patrol. Published by De Appel, Amsterdam
  • Interview with Mark Lawson, BBC Front Row: Auto Portrait Pending
  • I want to be a jewel Het Parool, by Kees Keijer, Amsterdam, Sept. 30
  • Review of A'DAM, De Groene Amsterdammer, by Steven Tesseling, September 16


  • The Daily Telegraph. 'Strangeness and Charm', by Richard Dorment
  • Interview with Geert Lovink,
  • Jill Magid in Conversation with Geert Lovink. FACT, Liverpool
  • Critics Pick for Evidence Locker, New York Times, Filmography
  • Interview with Mark Lawson, BC 4 Front Row 
  • Interview with Tim Marlow, BBC 5 and Broadside Films, Sept 30th
  • Artists Story: Making Bubbles, AN Magazine, September issue, UK
  • 'Bright Lights Big City', Kersvers Magazine, September
  • Shifting Map, RAIN Artists Initiatives Network, Published NAi, Rotterdam
  • Artist's Talk, Guest Lecture, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, UK
  • Archis Magazine: Archis is Shrinking, Issue No. 1
  • Artists to Watch in the Biennials, Glamour Magazine, Italy, April


  • 'Enter Trans-Urban,' NYArts Magazine, November
  • 'House 83.5,' Flying Dutchman, March
  • Terror-Décor: Panel Discussion with Ziga Kariz, Tim Druckery, Max Protetch Gallery, NY
  • System Azure Observed, Metropolis Magazine, October


  • Archis Magazine. 'Surveillance Shoes'; 'System Azure,' June
  • Radio Interview: Thresholding, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam
  • Shift, System Azure, Berlin, Germany


  • Thresholds. 'Recognizing Desire'. Project Pages, MIT Biennial Journal of Art, Architecture, and Critical Theory