"World of Networks" at Centre Pompidou, Paris

"Surveillance Shoe," 2000 is being shown in the World of Networks exhibition at Centre Pompidou, alongside "Legoland" — a video composed of infrared black and white surveillance footage resulting from a nighttime walk in the Surveillance Shoe through the city of Boston, Massachusetts. This is the first time Surveillance Shoe is being exhibited as an object.

Image: Surveillance Shoe, 2000, High heel shoe, IR surveillance camera, battery pack, wireless transmitter

Worlds of Networks 23 Feb - 25 Apr 2022 at Centre Pompidou

"Worlds of Networks" brings together some sixty artists, architects and designers who question the place of the network in our societies innervated by social networks and the dematerialization of the network itself. More than ever, in the internet age, the network is at the heart of technological change and societal issues: surveillance, atomization of the individual, actor-network, network of living things.