• Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy, 53 pages, 2007

Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy

Praise for Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy:
"Ms. Magid's impressive New York debut includes "Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy," a video and series of photographs accompanied by a haunting novella. All record her five-month friendship with a New York City police officer. She initiated it by asking him to search her (he didn't) and then shadowing him during his night shift, usually on subway platforms in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The best part of the work is the quietly heart-rending novella, a kind of tunnel vision of two people moving along parallel tracks while the city hums around them. The relationship is never consummated, but "Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy" spells love." —Roberta Smith, The New York Times.

Full article found here: Art in Review: Jill Magid at Gagosian, The New York Times, July 27 2007