• Rhinestoning Headquarters. Documentation of performance at Amsterdam Police Headquarters. 2002
  • Glam cams. Rhinestoned encrusted cameras at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam. 2002
  • Bring Back the Glam. Silkscreen print. 2002
  • Bring Back the Glam. Silkscreen print. Installation view. Amsterdam 2002
  • Big Brother in Drag. Design for silkscreen poster. 2002
  • Full of Love. Design for silkscreen poster. 2002

Rhinestoning Headquarters

After inventing her company System Azure Security Ornamentation, Jill Magid convinced the Amsterdam Police Department to hire her to decorate its CCTV cameras at Police Headquarters. Although the ornamenting policy was reversed, the cameras remain in place.

For more information see System Azure Website.

The System Azure Manifesto:

While an old Chinese saying claims "When the wise man points to the moon the idiot looks at the finger", System Azure upholds the reverse: The wise consider the finger. Why? Looking at the finger is more interesting. The finger is reality. In considering the finger you consider how moon is being represented. Who is pointing this finger? Toward what is my attention being directed and why should I look there? What does this finger want me to see? With these questions in mind one can choose to see as the finger sees, to look at the moon in another way, or to look at something else entirely.
While your security system is your eye from the inside, it is you finger from the outside.

What ring are you wearing?