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Homage CMYK

The series Homage CMYK is made from photographs published in books about Luis Barragán’s house, Casa Barragán. Silkscreens that emulate Joseph Albers’ Homage to the Square series hang in the house's Living Room and the Library. The Living Room's yellow ‘Homage’ is illuminated by daylight coming through the garden window; the blue ‘Homage’ in the Library by a desk lamp. To make the silkscreens, Magid scans the images, manipulates the skewed 'Homages' back into squares, and prints them again to their original 45" x 45" size – now with the time and space of the photograph, and the process of publication, embedded into the image.

The series will be on view through June 2021 at DIA Bridgehampton, The Dan Flavin Art Institute. In her essay for the series, curator Matilde Guidelli Guidi writes:

“Glares, halos, and streaks of natural and artificial light unsettle the integrity of the modernist geometry in Homage CMYK. Lamplight draws arcs and ellipses on The Library prints, while glistening traces of sunlight chart the times of the day in The Living Room works. Local color mutates accordingly and these variations are supplemented by glitches carried through the relay of reproduction. The images are further destabilized by trompe l’oeil effects of light streaming through Dia Bridgehampton’s gallery window. As a result, although each work in the series is self-contained within its recursive frame, specks of light and cast shadows registered on their surfaces respond to one another in counterpoint. Collectively, the eleven screenprints present a range of moods and sensations associated with passing time. Hovering between legibility and abstraction, Homage CMYK sediments time on the wing, capturing the relative nature of color and the complex experience of inhabiting an architecture of light and shadow.”